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June 5, '08

My People,
I am sorry to report that Second Story will not be playing at the Porterhouse Club in the foreseeable future. Bummer. There's a possibility that they'll be playing nearby this summer, but at this point their plans are inconclusive. In the meantime, if anyone knows of a caring home looking for a cute, cuddly, housebroken band, could you please have them contact us by replying to this email. They are anxious to continue playing for you somehow, somewhere.

I'll try to contact you again if I have any news.
Peace and Carats,
Tommy the UnSub
May 30 & 31, '08

You Guys,
Looks like a fun weekend ahead with the Return of the Story. The band missed you last week, so they will be extra pumped and raring to go. They spent this week "cleaning and pressing" older songs and have a couple of new ones to throw at you, too. So pluck those eyebrows or ear hairs, depending on your sex, and run to the Portherhouse Club this weekend, 9-1.

OK, free beer time. This weekend, the first each night (Friday & Saturday) to ask Jim what he's working on in the back yard will get one. Hint--it has nothing to do with crop circles or wind turbines. Remember, if you win, you're not eligible for another for one month.

Tommy the Sub
May 23 & 24, '08

Gentile Patron,
Due to Memorial Day and the plethora of extraneous amusements constituting the celebration, the band won't be in attendance at the Portherhouse Club this weekend. Bummer, man; I was looking forward to hearing them play again. It should come as no surprise that this wasn't their idea--they would like nothing better than to play for you. However, the guys won't be taking it easy. They plan on working up some new material for the next time around. It's top secret and they won't tell me, but I heard mention of Steely Feat or Little Dan (wasn't he a blues man) or something.

The band said to wish you a memorable Memorial Day and said to stay safe, so that's what I'm doing. No mixing alcohol, fast vehicles and firearms. I think they meant just pick two and be done with it.
Tommy the Sub
May 16 & 17, '08

Dudes & Dudettes,
Tommy the Sub here. The gang will be out in full force this weekend, so you won't want to miss it. Rick will be back from Symphony, Jim will be back from Wisconsin (the state, not the musical), Bill will be back from Oklahoma (the musical, not the state), and Luke will be back from Finals and Euphoria. Be sure and ask them to play Spinnin' Wheel, Footprints, or the never-present Mercy, Mercy. Also, the first person to ask Bill what Rick's real name is will get a free beer.
Peace out,

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