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Jim Haugner
With sound business skills and creative ideas, Jim Haugner is the brains of Second Story, and the man who keeps the group in play. But it doesn’t stop there. Proficient on bass, guitar and vocals, Jim has been onstage and making music since he was a pup. As a younger man, he had the talent and good fortune to play with some of the biggest groups of the 60’s & 70’s, and he’s now aching to play for you.

A musician of impeccable talent, Rick Zirconi is the keyboardist for the group. He has played with and in front of some of the biggest names in rock and jazz in the country. Rick’s uncanny ear makes him adept at soloing and provides the musical foundation for the band. His natural leadership ability and technical skills make him an asset to any group, and a driving force in Second Story. One listen is all it takes.

Luke Pittman
Luke Pittman, lead vocalist and guitarist, is the young talent of the group, but his youth is not evident in his musicality. Luke’s diverse vocal skills make him the perfect singer, whether performing something nice and sweet, getting a little bit raunchy, or anywhere in between. Add to that his technical prowess and sensual feel on a guitar and you’ve got a musician that will definitely leave his mark.

Bill Halbrook
From his first garage bands in high school, through road bands in young adulthood, to being one of the most called drummers in the area, Bill Halbrook has been a working musician. His ability to play a wide variety of styles has led to work from studio to concert hall, and from rock band to big band jazz. Bill strives for creativity in his playing, but is capable of laying down a groove a foot and a half wide.

All of the members of Second Story are accomplished musicians and composers, and just really nice guys who have lived with rock their entire lives. They know how to make your musical experience pleasurable and exciting. The guys would love to hear from you at the gig, or by email using the Contact Us Form. Let them know how they can make your night an enjoyable one.


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